Compliance Panel

The task of the Supervisory Board, Executive Board and senior managers is to make sure their company does not get derailed in any way – and that the ethical ‘tone at the top’ is of the highest quality. This not only calls for personal integrity, but also for specialist, up-to-date knowledge and insight into Dutch, US, UK and international law.

It is not surprising that, in today’s stricter climate, many members of supervisory or executive boards feel the need of an independent adviser or coach, an expert with whom they can discuss such matters in confidence. The Transparco Compliance Panel of senior experts offers precisely that service.


Transparco has brought together a panel of independent senior experts who can provide advice on the implications of any developments. Some have worked for major multinationals in roles such as Chief Legal Officer and Chief Compliance Officer, while others have worked as senior partners in leading international law firms and the Big Four accountancy firms. Their collective expertise covers a wide range of relevant fields in compliance, from law and business ethics to reputation management and setting up a compliance hot-line. They are fully alert to the risks that particular activities entail, and can help you flag up dangers that have not yet appeared on the horizon. Naturally, the Panel works with you in complete confidentiality.


You may feel in need of advice on an ongoing basis, or you may simply wish to meet a specialist to discuss a specific matter. You may require an occasional or a regular sparring partner, a sounding board for your ideas, back-up coaching on a specific topic, discreet private training or regular briefing on new developments, trends and risks. Immediate assistance can also be provided to deal with a matter that has suddenly arisen.


Transparco’s advisers are independent: they are not attached to any of the big four or similar consultancy firms. Our fee structure is perfectly transparent, based on an agreed program, so that you know beforehand what is involved.