Compliance Program

The Transparco Compliance Program is a highly practical professional service platform that provides companies like yours with a compliance program that is effective, straightforward, easy to implement and appropriately scaled.

Our Compliance Program can make a significant contribution to your bottom lines, both financial and ethical.

How does it work?

The Program consists of eight well-defined steps, which in principle are taken annually.

On the first occasion, these are preceded by two one-off preliminary meetings. The first is with relevant stakeholders within management, to explain the Program and ensure their buy-in. The second is with whoever has been entrusted by the Board to ensure compliance, in order to identify and fill any obvious gaps in the present compliance situation.

In this way, a firm foundation is established for the implementation of the Program within the company.

Key benefits

Easy to operate

The Transparco Compliance Program is very easy to operate. We take care of all the preparations and guide the process throughout. As a result, there is no danger of compliance data being incomplete, forgotten about, or pushed aside. Leaving practical matters to us means you save valuable time, time which you can devote to resolving any substantive compliance issues that may come to light.

Backed by experts

The Transparco Compliance Program is backed by a panel of senior compliance experts, in key fields, such as law, HRM and finance. They are always ready to offer you expert advice when needed. They have been pre-selected and briefed, and can advise you about the implications of any developments, and recommend ways of putting any problems right. Our arrangement with these experts means that professional fees are kept to a minimum. There is no question of costs getting out of hand.

Always up to date

It is not enough to review compliance on an ad hoc, occasional basis. You need to do it regularly. That is precisely what our Program gives you: a regular compliance ‘health check’. This takes the form of quarterly progress reports, plus – twice a year – a thorough compliance review.


To ensure immediate action is taken to resolve any potential problems before they become serious, the Program collects input on an ongoing basis (hotline and secure website). In addition, the panel of experts is always ready to provide management with advice around the clock.


Credibility is vital in questions of compliance. The Transparco Compliance Program enables you to demonstrate to both the outside world and your employees that you take ethical matters seriously. It provides you with an annual review of your compliance activities and a lawyer’s letter, which ensures credible validation, and demonstrates your proactive approach.


Thanks to its strong legal foundation and its extensive experience of working with ‘whistle-blowing’ hotline systems, Transparco can offer guaranteed confidentiality – a factor that is essential if the Program it is to be trusted by employees.

Appropriately scaled

To work well, a compliance program needs to fit the size of the company. No company wants to feel overwhelmed by a program designed for an organization twice its size, or frustrated by one that cannot accommodate its present needs, let alone those of the future. We make sure the Transparco Program is appropriately scaled for your particular circumstances.


It is important that mistakes are not only rectified, but that lessons are learned from them. That is why (if required) our Compliance Program provides learning activities to ensure continuous improvement, or to train staff in applying the latest best practices. For maximum efficiency, learning modules can be incorporated into your on-boarding program for new employees.



1. Review meetings

Each year, the Transparco Program Leader convenes and chairs two separate review meetings at the client’s premises, one with senior management and the other with the Works Council to review any current or imminent issues.



2. Walk-in sessions

The Program Leader also conducts informal on-site walk-in sessions for employees or managers who, in confidence, wish to discuss any queries they have, or to receive advice on dilemmas they are facing.



3. Hotline

Employees have an opportunity at any time during the year, 24/7, to report any compliance violations or other matters that concern them by calling a confidential “hotline” or using a secure website. These reports may be made anonymously, if desired.



4. Panel of experts

When needed, a panel of leading experts is available for consultation. They are all highly experienced, with strong backgrounds in industry, business and the academic world. Among other areas, their expertise covers legal risk, reputational damage and business ethics.



5. Resolution of issues

If it turns out that the company has difficulty in resolving a compliance issue on its own, a panel of experts is available to provide guidance to senior management, as needed.



6. Validation & reporting

A report is drawn up annually for validation purposes. Describing compliance activities undertaken during the book-year, it may take the form of a written report or a lawyer’s letter, as required.



7. Training & improvement

Where needed, training can be provided on specific business ethics issues (e.g., through e-learning). This training can, if required, be incorporated into your on-boarding activities for new employees.



8. Embedding

As a final step, advice can be provided on embedding a sense of responsibility in ethical and compliance matters into your company’s culture.