As a C-level executive, you have many obligations. Besides your responsibilities towards shareholders, employees and other stakeholders, you also have some less tangible obligations. These include maintaining appropriate systems and controls, ensuring full compliance with all relevant legislation, and equally important, upholding the company’s reputation. If ignored, these obligations can have serious consequences – exclusion from lucrative contracts and tenders, for instance, or substantial fines and personal liability. In addition, reputational damage can seriously hurt sales and make it difficult to attract good talent.

Prevention is better than cure

Transparco helps companies and organizations prevent problems and at the same time gain strategic advantage. We help you develop and implement an effective prevention policy within an appropriate governance and integrity risk management framework.

Communication is key

The key to stopping problems arising is open communication. With open communication, nothing is swept under the carpet. As a result, you have peace of mind. Your internal processes are in order, up to date and complete. Communication with stakeholders is open and honest, and you are proactive in ensuring things stay that way.

What do we do?

Essentially, we help you to bring relevant information to light, sift it and interpret it correctly. We then advise on appropriate action. For this purpose, we call on our panel of senior experts.

How do we do it?

We help you bring information to light in four ways:

  • Facilitating communication between yourselves and others, encouraging them to tell you about possibly problematic facts, circumstances and issues affecting your organization. We provide a setting in which speaking about such matters comes naturally – in which people can share their concerns in confidence with someone who has the authority to take prompt, efficient action.
  • Providing an efficient communication channel in the form of a reliable technical infrastructure – a telephone hotline and a secure website. This provides a safe, reassuring and convenient way of reporting any concerns or incidents, available worldwide, 24/7.
  • Processing the information received, sifting to find the genuine cases, arranging transcriptions and translations, and interpreting the information in the light of other information and legal considerations. Part of this includes making vague signs and symptoms explicit and tangible so that they can be addressed at the earliest possible stage.
  • Providing an annual review of the situation as it stands, so that you can demonstrate your compliance and progress to any internal or external parties.

What does this mean for you?

Having such clear and timely information available means:

  • You have maximum control of your organization
  • You have better insight into what is happening within it
  • You can show that you have a systematic approach and sound infrastructure in place
  • You receive advice from a highly experienced, independent C-level outsider

How can you be sure?

Time and confidentiality are of the essence in sensitive matters. That is why our confidential services are available immediately, whenever you need them.

  • Sounding board hotline
  • Crisis management – best-practice advice
  • Issue management – best-practice advice
  • Trusted third-party advisor
  • Second opinions
  • Secure website

By acting adequately in good time, signs can be properly understood and issues resolved, long before there is any question of ‘whistle-blowing’.

office: Jacqueline de Grezlaan 31
4835 GS Breda – The Netherlands